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What are the advantages of owning your own custom built home and allowing the developer to maintain and own the land?

This arrangement allows you to own your single-family home for true privacy and independence while keeping the funds normally spent on the land purchase available for discretionary or emergency purposes.   In addition, you have the assurance that community standards will be carefully maintained, you  can enjoy the community social and recreational amenities, and you will live in a beautiful country setting only minutes from shopping, medical services, golf, marinas and great local attractions.

Is there a monthly fee?


Why is there monthly fee?

The monthly fee covers leasing the homesite, free use of the clubhouse,  tree and shrub trimming, street lighting, repair and maintenance of underground utilities, maintenance and insurance of all common areas including roadways.

Does the monthly fee change and by how much?

Yes, the monthly fee generally increases annually in small increments.  We keep increases limited to the amount necessary to maintain community standards and services that our residents want and expect.

What are fee increases based on?

Increases are based on:  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and hard-to-control costs such as utility charges, land taxes, and insurance expenses.

Is there a cap on increases?

No, there is neither an upper nor lower cap on fee changes.  However, our company history and policy has been to limit increases to only the amount necessary to cover cost increases and maintain a reasonable profit margin.

Can our children and grandchildren stay and visit with us?

Yes, we have no restrictions on guests other than they are required to abide by the same rules as our residents.

Are all your rules actually enforced?

Yes.  Residents move to Whispering Meadows because of our Guideline for Living and the stability the rules create within the community environment.  It's our obligation to you to ensure that they are enforced.  Learn more about our community standards.

Are house pets allowed?

Yes.  We recognize that to many people, an animal companion is a loyal and needed friend.  Two house pets per family.

How do we sell our home if we need or want to?

You may sell your home independently, through an agent, or by listing your home with Whispering Meadows.  In the case of an estate, the inheritor(s) may move into the home provided they meet all the applicable entry requirements or sell the home to another qualified party.

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